ada info nih buat para YM’ers

kita bisa ngedetect ID seseorang yang menggunakan “appear offline” ke kita. Caranya : masuk ke situs xeeber.com . Nah, di situs itu, kita tulis ID yahoo yg ingin di-detect (ID tanpa embel-embel @yahoo.xx). dari sini, kita bisa tahu apakah ID seseorang itu bener-bener offline atau sedang online tapi “ngumpet”.

Semoga bermanfaat,,,(apa coba manfaatnya???)

Sumber : yanu EL



What is Xeeber?
Xeeber is a professional online service which can help u to recognize the status of all Yahoo users, to see who is online, offline or invisible mode easily.
My friend’s yahoo ID is often on invisible mode, can i find out he/she is invisible by Xeeber?
Yes, of course. The great ability of Xeeber is recognizing the invisible mode of Yahoo Messenger.
May it happens that someone makes him/herself invisible and Xeeber is not able to find them out?
Never. No one can hide him/herself from Xeeber. The method of Xeeber is reliable and it’s successful on all versions of Yahoo Messenger.
Sometimes this site shows the “server is busy” message. Why?
Because of the traffic on this site, in this time server can not respond to all user’s requests.
If this message appears, you can try again just a few minutes later and Xeeber will definitely answer to you.


Today, the number of yahoo messenger’s users is increasing substantially. Most of the users like to know who made themselves invisible. As you know, yahoo Messenger has an online service which allows users to control their visibility.Therefore, they can continue working without anyone notice their connectivity.
Now, Xeeber helps you to recognize invisible IDs easily with following few easy steps:

1: Enter your friend’s yahoo ID in specified place without @Yahoo.Com. (Ex: narbe.mirzaei )
2: Click on magnifier.After a few second, Xeeber recognizes the situation of that ID and shows you one of these pictures:


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