This blog go international!

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful


Today, November 2nd 2007, I announce that this blog, wil be an international blog. I will post some of english articles & opinion in this blog (off course beside to upgrade my English skill, I do this to make more traffic on my site). Even sometimes I may use Indonesian language too.

First step, I will change this blog title, from [Perjalanan mencari ridho-Nya… dan “yang diridhoi-Nya” ] into [~ Neverending Improvement >>] . This name I got from one of Industrial engineer’s mottoes. Simple name but hard to do. In other language we can called similar word like “iltizam” or “istiqomah” in Arabic.

Before I forget, I do this internationalize to adapt with my college, Bandung Institute of Technology, which will go to be world class research university. Beside that, PPSDMS, the hostel of future leaders, has influenced me to do this because of it’s new program, TOEFL score raising.

Last but not least, please apologize me if my English is bad. I hope you can help me too if I write some wrong words or sentences in my post. Because I’m not good in English.

Blog admin,

Dhimas, English Learner

11 thoughts on “This blog go international!

  1. ayo dimas, semangat!

    kita bangun integritas dalam diri,
    mulai dari diri sendiri,
    mulai dari yang kecil,
    mulai dari sekarang,

    tambahan lagi: mulai dari akhir.

    iya, jadinya :
    hingga orang lain seluas-luasnya,
    hingga yang besar-besar,
    hingga nanti sampai akhir hayat,

    ya, think big, start small, act now.

    Integritas: Perbuatan sama dengan ucapan ataupun tulisan. 😉

  2. padahal abdi teh cuma asal ngemeng ngenglish aje,, he2.
    tapi emang Visinya seperti itu, insyaAllah

    negeri ini harus bangkit,
    mulai dari yang kecil,,,,,
    Bangkit kawan, kita orang kuat!!!!!

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