What Future Leaders You WIll Become?

Yoh wanna be the Shaman King

Naruto wanna be Hokage

Luffy wanna become the Pirate King

yoh x

naruto1 x luffy x

They are future leaders. They sure on their own dreams to become leaders. And they have their own journey to becoming it. Yoh Asakura wanna become Shaman King, the leader of every Shaman in the world. Naruto wanna become the Hokage, the leaders of Konoha. And Luffy wanna become the Pirate King, the Leader of pirates who will go to Grand Line and find One Piece. Whan they have decided what they will become, they start to fight, they fall, they wake up again, they run, & they struggle in their path to make their dreams come true. They can influence others, so they have many friends that support them. Even their enemies give respect to them.

They know that they are not the strongest man. There still other man that much stronger than they now. But it doesn’t make their dreams become shrunk. They always confidence & sure on their dreams, even they must fight the stronger man. They never give up on every situation, even it endanger their live, to protect their friends and their dreams.

Maybe they’re not special. But their believe that they’re special makes them special (have Kungfu Panda told them this secret ingredients? 🙂 ).

Now, it’s time for us to choose what will we become in the future…..


What future leaders you will become?


8 thoughts on “What Future Leaders You WIll Become?

  1. i’LL become a great husband and father in my famiLY,.
    i’LL become a great Leader in my social community,.
    i’LL become a great man in my profession,.
    However, the most important thing is,.
    i’LL always try to be a good man in front of aLLah,.

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