What do “Surprise Me” wordpress does?

A few days ago, Matt post a news in en.wordpress.com about WP new feature “Surprise Me“. You can see the news by click this [link] or copas: wp.me/pf2B5-14w

But, what do it does?

Until now (Tuesday), I have found 3 new things that happened after i activate this feature. Here they are:

1st; We can see the new “PUBLISH” button when we write a new post/page. It’s kinda different than the usual Publish button

2nd; We can see our blog visitor stats in a new way: HUMANIZE. I think this is very cool & really made me enjoying checking my blog stats 🙂

3rd; the very new one is a checkbox “This post is super-awesome“. It appear when we edit or write a post/page. But i still don’t know what will happen to our post if we check this box. I also check the appropriate box when i post this post. Maybe you found something different with your post? Just let me know 🙂


*To activate this “surprise me” feature, go to your Personal Settings page, check the appropriate box, and save.

*this post will be updated if i found something new about the “surprise me” feature. or you can find the surprise by yourself 🙂

*And Please let me know if you find anything that i didn’t notice 🙂

7 thoughts on “What do “Surprise Me” wordpress does?

  1. wah, surprise me nya bekerja
    waktu itu lagi mau posting, tiba2 muncul video orang2 cina lagi nari….
    bikin kaget tuh

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